SQBX Films: Fibres


Investigating the properties, benefits and applications of industrial hemp, we tackle the issues of fast fashion and hemp's association with cannabis by speaking to campaigners, growers and biologists.

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A MMN/SQBX production for MMN and Aberystwyth University
Director: Victor Kolbe
Executive Producer: Elin Morse
Producer: Matthew Tyler-Howells
Editor: Matthew Tyler-Howells
Cinematography: Emily Hogg

Victor Kolbe
Patrick Gillett, Hempen Organic
Tom Venner Woodcock, Hempen Organic
Justine Gens, Hempen Organic
Dr Ana Winters, IBERS
Alan Gay, IBERS
Tim Coleridge, CAT
Heledd Wyn Hardy, Artist

Filming Locations

Filmed on location in:
Hempen Organic, Oxfordshire
IBERS, Aberystwyth University Gogerddan Campus
Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth
Cardiff City Centre, Cardiff

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